Thursday, February 27, 2014

Install nouvean driver on Arch Linux with my Lenovo Y400 (video card GT 650M)

Install the open source nouvean video driver with Lenovo Y400 (with nvidia GT 650M) should be easy. Just follow the official wiki page should be good.

1. Install Arch Linux

If you already install the arch linux, you may skip this section. Just install Arch Linux follows the official wiki without installing xorg.

2. Install nouvean

By default, the nouvean module should be loaded after you installed the Arch Linux. You can use the following command line to double check if the module is loaded.

lsmod | grep nouvean

If it's loaded, you can continue installing the nouvean driver. Follow the wiki page to finish that.

After that, reboot your linux and then check if the module is loaded again.

3. Install xorg

Now it's the time to install xorg. Follow the wiki page to finish your installation.

After the installation, I still reboot my linux and check if the nouvean is loaded. But I guess you can skip this step.

4. Install KDE

I'm a KDE guy. So it's the time for me to install KDE. You can install other EE as your wish.

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