Thursday, December 15, 2011

ESP JDBC Connector numbs and can't continue

Hi guys,

As you guys knew, I'm working with FAST ESP in the past of few months. Today my team member encountered a big issue, which blocks our task, the JDBC Connector does not work. You know what, all of our data need to be crawled by FAST ESP. So without the ESP, our product/code is a bullshit!!! Right now you can imagining how I'm surprised this morning.

OK, I guess you guys don't want to spend so many time to read my bosh. Let's focus this problem.

If your data comes from any DBs, you may use JDBC Connector to pull out all data from DB to ESP. I have the same scenario. Only one special point is that I'm wanna use standalone mode, which will use connect.bat file under %JDBC Connector Installed Directory%\bin to trigger the process.

This morning, my friends told me that this batch file numbs and can't continue. It stayed at 'Starting publisher thread 0', like this:

The process sleeps there and won't wake up for never. There is no error, no break and no any other information that you can refer. My friends try to change some settings under our configuration file, change some DB settings, reinstall JDBC Connector but it's still the same. If you have the same issue, then you are lucky because I find out the cause and the solution.

I have to say I'm so lucky that I know there is a software named ProcessMonitor.exe producted by Microsoft, which can be used to monitor all processes, files and registers access. I use this tool to monitor the java.exe process and found there are some interface/properties in some jar files are not found. (I didn't capture any screenshot when I investigate this issue) Actually I know nothing about Java but I heard some complains that someone's software doesn't work after they upgrade their java version.

Another lucky thing that I can resolve this issue is that I have 3 ESP servers that I can use them to compare the environment. When I look at the other two servers, whose JDBC Connector works fine, the java version is 1.6.0_25-b06. The broken server's java version is 1.6.0_29_b11. At that time, I was thinking this issue may be caused by the upgraded java version. In a fact, I'm right!

Now, you already knew the culprit and you may get the solution. Yes, the solution is revert the java version. I uninstalled the latest version and reinstall the 1.6.0_25_b06. After rebooting the system, the JDBC Connector comes back. Oh! I'm so lucky!

OK. If you faced the same problem with JDBC Connector, I hope this article can give you some help.

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